-  Protection is probably the most important aspect to consider when packing items in transit, or when moving house or office. We distribute a full range of Cush N Air™ branded quality small bubble and large bubble wrap, in various widths to suit your requirements. Also consider loose fill / void fill (packing peanuts) to help fill all the voids in your box / package. The Ecoflo loose fill is a good environmentally friendly & biodegradable solution, in a shape of â˜wotsit whereas Flopak loose fill is shaped in the form of the number 8 and provides extra memory for long / abrupt transit. Not only that, we are also mainstream distributors of the full range of corrugated paper rolls, air pillows and jiffy foam rolls – all of which you can find in this section, as well as machinery for protective solutions – such as air pillow machinery, cardboard loose fill machinery etc.


Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is mostly used to protect fragile prod

Corrugated Cardboard Roll

These are lightweight and are used for protecting

Foam Wrap Rolls (JIFFY)

Certain items such as glassware or fragile dishes

Loose Fill (Packing Peanuts)

Loose fill void packaging is very light, recyclabl

Blue Foam Edge Guards

We stock various sizes of Foam 'u channel' edge gu

Cardboard Pallet Edge Guards

Cardboard edge guards, also known as pallet protec

Polystyrene Corners

Polystyrene corner pieces are lightweight and very

Air Pillow Machinery \ Rolls

Mr Packaging are proud to be official distributors

Polystyrene EPS 70 Sheets

Polystyrene EPS 70 is a lightweight, rigid and dur

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