Postal Tubes

Postal Tubes


Cardboard postal tubes are perfect for sending posters and documents of all sizes via post or courier, and even for storing them, preventing creases and tears during storage or transit.

In this section you will find the full range of industry standard sizes of postal tubes. They are available in two diameters - 45mm and 50mm. The cardboard in both versions is strong and will not collapse - the wall thickness of the 45mm diameter versions is 1.35mm, and the wall thickness of the 50mm diameter versions is 50mm. Both ranges are available in various lengths - being A3/A4 size, A2 size, A1 size and A0 size.

The most popular range tends to be the 45mm diameter versions, as these fit through most UK letterboxes - therefore helping to prevent returns and non-deliveries when sending items via royal mail.

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